Welcome to Martha’s Mutt Movers!

*Over 3,500 mutts moved since 2010*

My mission is to move dogs that are in areas of low demand
to my approved rescues in areas of high demand.

What is low demand? In areas where people choose, for one reason or another, not to spay and neuter their animals, there is an overpopulation; mostly dogs and cats. Many of those animals end up shelters, pounds and kennels. Most facilities in low demand areas do not have a long waiting period before they have to kill for space. There are many groups that tirelessly work to network for these animals to find rescues that will save their lives. Those rescues ultimately find them a loving and safe furever home.

What is high demand? In areas where spaying and neutering laws are in effect, there is a lower availability of animals. There may be a large number in shelters, however, many are breeds that can be difficult to place. Rescues in those areas work with groups in areas of overpopulation to get animals to safety.

That’s where Martha’s Mutt Movers comes into play. When there is a need to move them, they call me. I, in turn, rely on the generosity of volunteer drivers to get the job done – the Mutt Movers! And no matter what anyone says, I cannot do it without the Mutt Movers.


Martha’s Mutt Movers is a 501(c)3 and registered non-profit organization with the State of Ohio; Federal Tax ID number 45-5060994. Unable to drive? Monetary donations are tax deductible and go directly towards fuel assistance for drivers. Able to drive? Save your mileage info and deduct .14/mile (current federal rate) for driving for a charitable organization.