Goodbye 2018 ~ Hello 2019!

This has been quite a year……for the last few months I was sure it was going to be the final year.

BUT, as I posted here, I am fortunate to have Marie take over the coordinating duties. She stepped right in and has been doing a fantastic job! That allows me to slink into the background, only doing the fuel assistance payments and other behind the scenes things. Keep in mind that Marie will have a few tweaks to the protocol, so if you are a rescue, please make sure to review here. You will find the biggest change to be in the vaccination status of passengers (#4 on the list), as well as the area of coverage (only states east of the Mississippi will be handled going forward).

I’m grateful that we only moved 206 dogs and 6 cats this year and remain hopeful that this means the tide is changing for our furry friends. Less pain and suffering and waste in their lives; more love and enjoyment and freedom in their lives. Only time will tell. I continue to be amazed at how you all make it possible for so many to move. Your selflessness is the lifeblood of Martha’s Mutt Movers. Without your wheels, my transport won’t roll.

Thanks to the donations to the fuel assistance fund, many more drivers are able to help weekend after weekend. This year we processed over $3,600 in fuel assistance. I cannot thank you enough for your support. I have drivers that tell me all the time how they wouldn’t be able to help if not for the fuel assistance program. I am sure they get just as much joy out of helping as the donors get from giving and the dogs get from living. 

I once again wish you all a wonderful holiday season, whatever your season consists of ~ Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Omisoka, or just special time at home with family and friends (skin, fur, fins, feathers, scales, etc); as well as a wonderful New Year. 

I am grateful beyond words for your continued support.