“My Favorite Breed is Mutts in Need” For as long as I can remember, I have had a dog in my life. Like so many in the rescue world, I have loved animals my entire life, but dogs are by far my favorite! I can remember them following me home from school (albeit with a little coaxing on my part), chasing me around the yard, snuggling me to sleep and comforting me when I cried. There is no better feeling in the world than to have the unconditional love and adoration of a furry friend.

I have lived in Akron, OH my entire life and raised one son, who is now living in Chicago. He is his mothers’ son through and through….someone his friends can always rely on to be there to cry with them when they lose a beloved furbaby.

I have always had rescue dogs in my home, with four at this time, all seniors. I only adopt seniors into the pack because they are so overlooked. All of my pups that have crossed are cremated and honored on the display shelf with each other.

My current pack

Hollie – found at the garbage dump by my ex husband at the innocent age of 8 weeks. Covered in fleas and ticks, she stole my heart immediately. She is a mishmash of doxie, beagle and corgi. She is now 11 years old and is the fat and sassy leader of the group.



Scooter – was adopted from the Humane Society of Greater Akron. He is a beagle that was found abandoned in the back of a truck with another beagle. He was adopted and returned twice. He is 8 years old and, in spite of having an enlarged heart, is quite the spunky butt. No returns this time!


Sadie – was adopted from the Animal Shelter Society in Zanesville, Ohio. At 8 weeks she was “advertised” as a basset mix, which is a breed I have always wanted, so she came to live with us. She is now 7 years old, fully grown into her springer spaniel/pointer self (yeah, no basset here!) and is the “Ferdinand the Bull” of the pack. Chases butterflies, bites bees and follows ants all over the place.


Ellie – was found running the streets and in heat. Two weeks in a row of my ex husband seeing her on his route and he brought her home. She is a terrier/lab mix and loves the water. She is now 7 years old and getting so grey in the face! She is the “Einstein” of the pack and I can take her anywhere off leash and she listens to my every word. Needless to say, the others are quite jealous of her yet fail to pick up on why she actually gets all the perks she does!

Waiting at the bridge

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a dog lover from way back. That led me to transport driving, which I did for seven months. I felt like I wasn’t helping enough dogs, even though I was driving upwards of 1500 miles a weekend. So I asked a coordinator (Kathy Smola ~ Smola’s Rescue Railroad) that I worked with what I could do to help more. She said coordinators were needed and agreed to mentor me.

And here we are today.