Martha’s Mutt Movers is transport only. I do not facilitate the rescue or foster of dogs. I work only in the facet of rescue that involves moving the dogs to screened and approved rescues. I have a collection of volunteer drivers that work together to move dogs from point A to point B. Point A, unless absolutely necessary, is a foster home, temp boarding facility or vet boarding that has housed the dog for 2+ weeks prior to transport. Although no guarantee, this helps cut down on the outbreak of illness during or after transport. The service is completely free and the volunteers, as well as I, give our time and resources at no charge. I go where the need is, and can facilitate a move in all states east of the Mississippi. I have also handled moves from Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Houston, heading east on the major interstates.

I do not move dogs for private owners/adopters for several reasons, including:

1. I did not create Martha’s Mutt Mover’s to be a taxi service when someone relocates, gets ill or passes away. As a responsible pet owner, you should be making plans for your animals as you do for yourself and your children.

2. I don’t want to move a dog 1000 miles, to have the adoption not work, and have the dog end up back in a shelter, just in a different state.

3. By doing so, it takes the resources away from rescues that have committed to helping dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.

The steps to utilize Martha’s Mutt Movers for transport:

Become screened and approved

Submit a request

Follow the protocol of transport, consistently

The steps to become a driver:

Review driver guidelines

Submit an application

The steps to become a monitor:

Review monitor guidelines

Submit an application