How can I battle potential cooties?


Many have asked what to do if they find out they have transported dogs that ended up sick. As volunteers, we rely completely on the information that the sending party gives us. Yes, health certificates are required, by federal law, when the dogs are crossing state lines, but as many experienced drivers know, sometimes those health certs aren’t what they appear to be. Just as there are unreliable and irresponsible rescues, drivers, coordinators and volunteers, there are also irresponsible and […]

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What is a martingale (no slip) collar?


When fitted properly, a Martingale collar, more commonly called a “no slip” collar, is wonderful for transport dogs.  It makes it virtually impossible for a dog to get out of his collar. So what is “fitted properly”? You need to make sure that the collar is small enough on the dog that the looped portion, when pulled taught by a leash, closes the collar to the size of the dogs neck.  If the loop doesn’t pull the collar “closed” around […]

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Shopping on Giving back is made easy!


Holidays are upon us! Planning on shopping  Did you know if you click this link to get to, any purchase you make will raise funds to help keep the mutts moving? That’s right! Just click this link to do your shopping and everything you buy will give a little % back to help Martha’s Mutt Movers move those mutts!! There is no cost to you, Amazon gives back a % of what you buy. So shop shop shop and thank you for helping […]

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Unable to drive? Still want to help? How about monitoring?

There is a lot of work that goes into putting a transport together. Starting with screening the rescues, ending with that final update that the run is complete.  I put more time into my transports than my paying job – and that’s a 40 hr/week job!    It doesn’t end when the run is moving either. There are phone calls from drivers, email updates to all involved on the run, putting out fires if something happens (driver ill, traffic jam, […]

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