Respect our differences, I am not killing dogs……

I love dogs. I always have. I treat them better than I treat humans because, quite frankly, they treat me better than humans treat me. I take my job as a transport coordinator very seriously. I have protocol and guidelines in place to hopefully ensure that point B is better than point A when it comes to moving a dog and that the hands that assist in that move are safe. But there are going to be those that disagree […]

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THANK YOU! Hoodies and t-shirts!


My first official fundraiser was a wonderful success! You guys contributed $1,140.00 towards fuel assistance with your purchases! Thank you so much! Next campaign will be in the fall so those long sleeved shirts and hoodies will come in handy. I’m going to change up the logo as well. Stay tuned! Move Those Mutts fundraiser click here    

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Live/drive near Buchanan, VA (just north of Roanoke)? Have a break down? Well then……..

In early December, a driver on transport had a break down. She had a solo dog and wasn’t sure what to do. Here is her email:   “If it had to happen, I was blessed to break down right at Exit 162 (off I-81) in the Buchanan, Va area.  The clerk at the Exxon station there called a local mechanic for me.  He came right out, looked at my car, went back out for parts and got me back on […]

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DNR, DNART, DND, etc…..

For those that aren’t familiar with the terminology: DNR is Do Not Rescue, DNART is Do Not Rescue/Adopt/Transport, DND is Do Not Drive….and the list of acronyms goes on.  But I just want to address the heavy hitter, which in the rescue world is DNR.   In the rescue world, a DNR is huge! It is the equivalent of a teacher being a convicted child molestor; only in the rescue world, a verifiable record of the crime is not always […]

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THIS is why I only move to rescues I have personally screened……


I am so angered by this. Mind you, I get emails like this almost daily of “rescues” that have been raided. I just decided this time I was going to say something on my website about it. People question me all the time when filling out my screening form – “what do you need to see, you are only transport” “I’ve been in rescue for ___ years, everyone knows I’m good” “if you don’t move to me, you are killing […]

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Santa called me…..

girl and dog

Santa got a list the other day with a special request on it for Martha’s Mutt Movers. He was so touched by it that he called to tell me about it. He said Cayla, youngest member of The Gramlich Crew, had asked: “For Martha’s Mutt Movers…can you try to make some dogs, puppies, cats and kittens get adopted and even other adoption places to please?” What a beautiful request. I am truly brought to tears by the selflessness of Cayla. And […]

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Aren’t we all volunteers?

I would like to explain how rescue transport works, for Martha’s Mutt Movers and for many other coordinators out there. Please know, not all work in this fashion but you have every right to ASK how it works for one you are planning to volunteer to drive for. I NEVER charge anyone for transport ~ not for the request form, not for a dog, not for a cage, etc. I NEVER charge gas money for transport. This is completely voluntary […]

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I thought I would blog a little from time to time. Nothing specific, just thoughts or ramblings on things that come up.  This is my first! I want to thank everyone for visiting my new site. It means a lot to have the assistance and support of so many talented people in rescue. I could not have done this website without the magic of Phil McDonnell and Black Cat Technologies. Awesome job Phil and thank you so much.  He is […]

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