This checklist is sent 48 hours prior to transport to the sending party and receiving party. It is the ultimate responsibility of the rescue to ensure that each dog travels with the mandatory items listed in red. Failure to do so may result in the dog(s) not being allowed to go on transport. These mandatory items are for the safety of the dogs AND the drivers and are NOT negotiable. You are encouraged to use the checklist to help ensure an uneventful transport. Using the RED BAG, provided by Martha’s Mutt Movers, for your supplies will help greatly. You will receive your kit prior to transport.

___Properly fitted collar (no more than 2 fingers of space)

___Dependable leash (no frays, no breaks, no repairs)

___Current rabies tag (if old enough for vaccination) attached to the collar

___ID tag with rescue name/number (can be as simple as duct tape around the collar)

___All medications must be in sealed bottles/baggies and clearly labeled with name and dosage

___Do not feed within one hour of transport start to prevent car sickness

___All outdoor dogs must be bathed within 48 hours of transport

___Easy to carry bag without rips or tears (if you don’t have the RED BAG) containing

       ___Enough food for each dog for each overnight stay

       ___Paperwork in a clearly marked envelope (rescue and dog name on outside of envelope)

              ___Health Certificate (no PO Boxes, street addresses only)

              ___ORIGINAL rabies certificate (photocopies are NOT acceptable)

              ___Medical records (this is not the same thing as the rabies certificate)

___Anything special you may feel will comfort the dog(s) during transport

___Flea and tick treated within 7 days of transport

___Freshly bathed, clean ears and trimmed nails are greatly appreciated if the dog(s) are going to the rescue approved furever home