To ask or not to ask….fuel assistance is the question.

Lately I have had several drivers ask for fuel assistance. The request seems to always include something like “I’m ashamed to have to ask” or “I really hate to have to ask, but”. So I decided it was time to clear the air on fuel assistance.

Martha’s Mutt Movers does one thing and one thing only – transport dogs. All donations are used solely for that purpose. Those of you that give generously of your time and vehicle, those funds are for you! They are given by others like you or others that want to help, but for whatever reason, aren’t able to drive. They are given by those that buy t-shirts or hoodies to support the cause. 

And the key word in that is they GIVE! As freely as you give of yourself to help weekend after weekend, there are people out there that give as equally freely to make sure you can continue to help. I want you to ask for assistance if you need it! I don’t want you to be ashamed or embarrassed ~ the people that give to help you are not ashamed or embarrassed about it!

It is a stressful thing week after week trying to fill transports. If the only thing holding you back is the need for fuel assistance, please, don’t let that hold you back. I would love nothing more than to have a transport filled by Wednesday, run sheet out, drivers checked in and senders/receivers ready to go, then to have the proverbial “crunch time” that comes week after week on Thursday and Friday.

The assistance doesn’t always cover all your gas. I use the federal charitable figure to factor the amount for each leg. I take the addresses of each meeting location on your leg (which is why it’s important to tell me if you change spots), multiply that by two and then multiple that by .14 for the total sent to you. Again, it isn’t a fortune, but it does help those that otherwise can’t drive!

Please, as a favor to me and to those that have graciously donated their money, ask.

The picture says it all:

fuel assistance