She told me “go pound sand”….

I recently sent a denial to a rescue that applied to use Martha’s Mutt Movers. I explained the reasons, and that it was my decision, based on my protocol and procedures, as well as my expectations of any rescue that I move dogs to. Number one on the reasons – they do not conduct home visits on 100% of adopters. They use Google Earth and pictures sent in by the potential adopter.

Like many denials, I got quite a bit of feedback from the rescue – as well as 3 other parties they felt the need to include on their response. I’m used to the drama, happens every time I say no. Like children, they decry the unjust determination and then proceed to bash me and my rules. This particular time I was called condescending, egotistical, full of myself. I was told it wasn’t fair that I didn’t trust the receiving end when they were putting so much trust in me as a transporter, that they hoped I was selling myself to the rescue as much as I was requiring them to do. And finally, the end all of all ends – “You have no right to tell me or any other rescue how to run……”. Uhm, yes, with that I totally agree. 

Yet, here we are, once again, someone telling me that I’m “just a transporter”, that I am unreasonable and exhibit paranoia, that the “scrutiny from our state agricultural agencies and our local animal control personnel” should be enough for me. I replied to all the emails (all 4 of them) in a polite manner, telling them my reasons for my rules, protocols, and policies. I explained that I was an independent. That my policies were made as problems occurred and changes were made. I asked that they respect and understand my policies as I did theirs.

The email received from the rescue this morning simply said “Martha, go pound sand”. I can live with that. But she still isn’t getting any dogs via Martha’s Mutt Movers.

And here is a great example why:

1HCW debacle