Unable to drive? Still want to help? How about monitoring?

There is a lot of work that goes into putting a transport together. Starting with screening the rescues, ending with that final update that the run is complete.  I put more time into my transports than my paying job – and that’s a 40 hr/week job!   

It doesn’t end when the run is moving either. There are phone calls from drivers, email updates to all involved on the run, putting out fires if something happens (driver ill, traffic jam, dog tussle).  Sometimes a coordinator would just love to step back and breathe a little.  

That’s where you can help!  Can’t drive? No problem….all you need is a phone and a computer.  You can monitor a transport, take calls from the drivers as they hand off, ask how the furbabes are traveling, ensure they passed all the paperwork and then send an email to everyone letting them know how things are going.  Anyone that has been on one of my transports knows how I do it.  And you would only have one to keep track of so housework, cooking, reading, watching TV, running errands — all that would still be doable because you would only be getting a call every hour or so.

It’s that easy! And you can’t imagine how you would truly be helping a coordinator. In all honesty, if we had more monitors, we could probably do more runs! It truly does take the load off for us and you would still be helping!

After all – it takes a village.

If you are interested in monitoring for me or any of my fellow responsible coordinators, review the guidelines and then submit an application. We will mentor you a couple times before having you do it all alone, so don’t hesitate if you haven’t done it before.

Thank you in advance for considering this other option to help the furbabies!