You should be aware of the guidelines that are required for drivers – find those here.

Print out the run sheet and familiarize yourself with the transport so you can follow along, make notes and have info handy when drivers call.

Turn on your cell phone (and make sure it’s charged up) the minute you get the run sheet; leave it on until you send the “we are complete” email.

Make sure that all drivers for the next day are checked in/have acknowledged the run sheet by 10 pm the night before their leg starts.

Send a greeting email to all drivers introducing yourself and advising them you will be monitoring and how you prefer contact – phone call or text message (I do not recommend emails via smartphones because they can sometimes be held up in cyberspace). Remind drivers to check their spam folders if they are not receiving updates.

Send an update email after each hand off call. If you miss one, not a problem, just make sure you send the next one.

Ahead/behind by more than 15 minutes should be noted in the update – subject line and body.

Ahead/behind by more than 30 minutes – you need to call the next 2 drivers in line personally.

Always ask/put in the updates:

    How did the dog/dogs ride?

    Any problems?

    Did you pass the paperwork? THIS IS CRUCIAL! Paperwork is secondary only to the dogs themselves. Ask every time because even the seasoned drivers can get talking and forget to pass it.

If there is a problem, don’t panic! Get specific information on what the situation is and if you don’t feel comfortable handling it, call your coordinator.

If it’s a driver that can no longer drive and their leg is that day, call the drivers before and after and ask if they could possibly split the leg ~ offer fuel assistance to get this done.  If they can’t, call your coordinator.

Most other problems are simple/easy to handle but if you are in doubt call your coordinator.

Monitoring a run is just as rewarding as driving (although no furbaby kisses). You get to hear the joy and excitement in the drivers voices, you get to send updates along the way and forward pictures the drivers take.  You get feedback from the rescues and adopters and fosters along the way.  And you get to do it all in your pajamas if you want to!! If you are interested, click here to complete an application.