It is sometimes necessary to move very young puppies or puppies that have only had one or two of the three basic boosters of doggie vaccinations. Although not ideal, it can be necessary and therefore special protocol must be followed.

First: Grassy areas are not high priority since these pups cannot touch the ground. The meeting locations should all be able to facilitate a potty stop for the pups. If you think one is not suitable, please advise. The puppies will not be removed from their crate at every hand off, only at those specified as a potty stop.

Second: All pups will come in mandatory crates unless otherwise noted on the run sheet. When at all possible, dimensions will be noted on the run sheet.

Third: Please make sure to bring the following with you:

  • Old/clean sheets, towels or blankets
  • Baby/hand/sanitary wipes (use before and after handling the pups)
  • Water and bowls

Fourth: Please arrive at the hand off location early so you can assist if the pups need cleaned up or if your hand off is a feed/potty/play hand off. There are several ways to handle the extended hand offs.

  • Use the back of an SUV to lay out several clean sheets and let the pups run around and eat, drink, play, potty
  • Lay a tarp on the ground, cover with several clean sheets and let the pups run around and eat, drink, play, potty (only if more than 2 drivers are present at all times!)

Last but not least: ENJOY!! Although crucial that babies don’t get cooties, they also need plenty of love! I trust you all to handle that part well. 🙂