**Please allow one week for replies. Please be prepared to submit to an on site visit of an approved foster home, or the location where you foster/care for your rescue dogs. Approvals/denials are at my sole discretion, are explained to the rescue, and are final**

What is the primary contact name/email/phone number for this screening request/rescue?

What is the rescue’s registered name, full street address and website?

Were you ever affiliated with another rescue(s)? If so, which rescue(s) and why are you no longer affiliated?

Do you meet your local community’s licensing requirements?

Do you have 501(c)3 status?

If 501(c)3, please provide your EIN.

Are home visits conducted for every potential adopter/foster regardless of location?

On average, how many dogs do you have in rescue at one time?

Do you utilize foster homes or are dogs kept at one location?

If you utilize foster homes:

Do potential foster homes go through a screening process?

How many foster homes do you have?

What is the average number of dogs per foster home?

If at one location:

Is the location a residence, shelter facility or boarding facility?

How many animals are currently on the property?

Is the location open to the public?

Please provide the name, email address and phone number of someone unassociated with your rescue and unrelated to you personally that’s visited the location within the last 3 months.

Do you require animals be in foster care for a minimum amount of time prior to placing them in adoptive homes? If so, how long?

Do you check for BSL when placing outside of your local area?

Please provide a copy of the following documents (or links for viewing online):
Adoption Application Link:
Or file: (PDF or TXT)
Adoption Contract Link:
Or file: (PDF or TXT)

Please provide the name and email address of two references that have worked closely with your rescue.

Please provide the names and phone numbers of all veterinarians that you use (general care, specialists, spay/neuter clinic, etc)

Please enter the image