Senior Shuffle ~ Hickory, NC to Canterbury, NH ~ September 22/23 (Sat/Sun)



Martha's Mutt Movers is pleased to be able to offer 100% toll reimbursement, 
as well as fuel assistance. Fuel assistance is calculated at .14/mile, meeting spot 
to meeting spot, round trip. Please try to request assistance when you make your offer.
Doc Senior


All legs will be monitored. Back up offers are appreciated! 
If offering back up only, please state that in your offer.

Saturday September 22 (all times ET):
Leg 1 ~ Hickory, NC to Winston Salem, NC
70 miles ~ 1 hr 05 min
7:00 am ~ 8:05 am
Filled by Michelle ~ thanks!

Leg 2 ~ Winston Salem, NC to Durham, NC
80 miles ~ 1 hr 15 min
8:10 am ~ 9:25 am
Leg 3 ~ Durham, NC to South Hill, VA
73 miles ~ 1 hr 15 min
9:30 am ~ 10:45 am
Filled by Ken ~ thanks!

Leg 4 ~ South Hill, VA to Chester, VA
70 miles ~ 1 hr 15 min
10:50 am ~ 12:05 pm
Filled by Laura ~ thanks!

Leg 5 ~ Chester, VA to Dahlgren, VA
65 miles ~ 1 hr 30 min
12:10 pm ~ 1:40 pm
Filled by Bethany ~ thanks!

Leg 6 ~ Dahlgren, VA to College Park, MD
87 miles ~ 1 hr 30 min
1:45 pm ~ 3:15 pm
Filled by Lisa/Jeff ~ thanks!

Leg 7 ~ College Park, MD to Joppatowne, MD
61 miles ~ 1 hr 30 min
3:20 pm ~ 4:50 pm
Filled by Mary/Sarah ~ thanks!

Leg 8 ~ Joppatowne, MD to Cherry Hill, NJ
82 miles ~ 1 hr 30 min
4:55 pm ~ 6:25 pm
Filled by Maribeth ~ thanks!

**OVERNIGHT Filled by Four Paws ~ thanks! (Mt Laurel, NJ)**

Sunday September 23:
Leg 9 ~ Cherry Hill, NJ to Woodbridge, NJ
68 miles ~ 1 hr 15 min
8:00 am ~ 9:15 am
Filled by Angela ~ thanks!

Leg 10 ~ Woodbridge, NJ to Newburgh, NY
88 miles ~ 1 hr 40 min
9:20 am ~ 11:00 am

Leg 11 ~ Newburgh, NY to Waterbury, CT
68 miles ~ 1 hr 05 min
11:05 am ~ 12:10 pm

Leg 12 ~ Waterbury, CT to Union, CT
68 miles ~ 1 hr 05 min
12:15 pm ~ 1:20 pm
Filled by Ellen ~ thanks!

Leg 13 ~ Union, CT to Lowell, MA
72 miles ~ 1 hr 10 min
1:25 pm ~ 2:35 pm
Filled by Ilda ~ thanks!

Leg 14 ~ Lowell, MA to Canterbury, NH
64 miles ~ 1 hr 00 min
2:40 pm ~ 3:40 pm
Filled by Stephanie/Maureen ~ thanks!
*Pair gets dropped at Libby*s*

*Passenger info*
Passenger 1: Wiliker
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 13 years
Sex: Male
Size/Weight: 12 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
General temperament: Very laid back, calm, gets along well with everyone
Any Special Needs/Concerns: Heart murmur
Mandatory Items Provided: Vet records, collar, leash, food, and Health Certificate
Crate: Optional, not provided
Reason for transport: Boarding to approved rescue
Vaccines: UTD

Passenger 2: Penny
Breed: Lab/hound mix
Age: 10 years
Sex: Female
Size/Weight: 43 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
General temperament: Very sweet and calm, walks easy on leash, good with everyone
Any Special Needs/Concerns: None Known
Mandatory Items Provided: Vet records, collar, leash, food, and Health Certificate
Crate: Optional, not provided
Reason for transport: Boarding to approved rescue
Vaccines: UTD

Sending Party: 
Humane Society of Catawba County
√Emily ~ hsccvolunteercoordinator@ (
Hickory, NC

Receiving party:
Libby*s Haven for Senior Canines
√Melissa ~ lhsk9@ (
Canterbury, NH

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Martha's Mutt Movers is not a business. I am a volunteer transport coordinator ('dispatcher') with a network of volunteer
drivers. As a group, we assist rescues in their efforts to save dogs from death row. I do not *mass transport*; all rescues 
must have the proper permit(s) to import dogs into a given state, and I refuse to assist any rescue that does not allow a
full screening to be done by me PRIOR to transport.

Do not volunteer to drive if you are not committed to being available on transport day. Relay transport cannot operate
if there is a missing link in the chain, and the rescue animals suffer as a result. If an emergency arises, that prevents
you from driving, please notify the transport coordinator as soon as possible. Please be respectful of the entire team
that has volunteered.

Removing an animal from a transport, before they have reached their final destination as indicated on this run sheet, 
constitutes theft in all 50 states. It will be reported to local, state, or federal authorities. In addition, your name, location,
and actions will be shared throughout the rescue community.