Brody the stolen senior goes home

I received an email one day, at the end of April 2012, from Celeste at GSP Rescue New England. She had a friend that had contacted her for help with a unique problem. Seems someone had stolen her neighbors senior black lab named Brody. The Florida family searched for days and, after getting a tip from another neighbor, found Brody in a shelter in MD. She had no idea how to get him home and was hoping for assistance. Being a sucker for seniors, of course I could help!

Turned out the shelter would not allow anyone but his owner to pull him. So his owner had to fly to MD, pull him and then fly home. While she was flying, he was riding! 4 hours after she arrived home she was picking up her sweet boy from the final driver. A wonderful, unforgettable transport to reunite Brody with his family.

Debby had nothing but praise for the Mutt Movers and she called and talked to several people who wrote stories about the entire drama. You just can’t make this stuff up!

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Saturday March 10 (all times EST):

Leg 1 ~ Joppatowne, MD to Bethesda, MD (I95/I495)
60 miles ~ 1 h 00 min
7:00 am ~ 8:00 am
Filled by Tom/Cindy ~ thanks!

Leg 2 ~ Bethesda, MD to Fredericksburg, VA (I495/I95)
61 miles ~ 1 h 10 min
8:05 am ~ 9:15 am
Filled by Gabrielle ~ thanks!

Leg 3 ~ Fredericksburg, VA to Colonial Heights, VA (I95)
80 miles ~ 1 h 20 min
9:20 am ~ 10:40 am
Filled by Barb ~ thanks!

Leg 4 ~ Colonial Heights, VA to Rocky Mount, NC (I95)
96 miles ~ 1 h 30 min
10:45 am ~ 12:15 pm
Filled by Karen K ~ thanks!

Leg 5 ~ Rocky Mount, NC to Fayetteville, NC (I95)
93 miles ~ 1 h 35 min
12:20 pm ~ 1:55 pm
Filled by Karen R ~ thanks!

Leg 6 ~ Fayetteville, NC to Florence, SC (I95)
88 miles ~ 1 h 30 min
2:00 pm ~ 3:30 pm
Filled by Paul ~ thanks!

Leg 7 ~ Florence, SC to St George, SC (I95)
91 miles ~ 1 h 30 min
3:35 pm ~ 5:05 pm
Leg 8 ~ St George, SC to Savannah, GA (I95)
90 miles ~ 1 h 30 min
5:10 pm ~ 6:40 pm
Filled by Angela ~ thanks!

Leg 9~ Savannah, GA to Brunswick, GA (I95)
79 miles ~ 1 hr 20 min
6:45 pm ~ 8:05 pm
Leg 10 ~ Brunswick, GA to Jacksonville, FL (I95)
64 miles ~ 1 h 00 min
8:10 pm ~ 9:10 pm
Filled by Cindy ~ thanks!

*Brody is picked up here*

*Passenger info*
Passenger: Brody
Breed: Black Lab
Age: 9 years (they have had him since he was 3 yrs old!)
Gender:  Male
Size/Weight: 95 lbs (and they clearly love him!)
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
General temperament: Very sweet, loving, mellow and friendly ~ loves everyone and everything
Any Special Needs/Concerns: None Known
Mandatory Items Provided: Vet records, leash, collar and Health Certificate
Crate: Optional, not provided
Reason for transport: Being reunited with family after being dognapped!
Vaccines: UTD

Sending party:
Marianne ~
North East, MD

Receiving party:
Debby ~
Jacksonville, FL